Mindful motion of yoga, healing breathing exercises and meditation are part of every yoga session. Mindful means that practice is not done mechanically, you become aware of the way the body moves and you start to listen yourself better. Also outside of the yoga mat.

Por que means 'Why' and written together means 'Reason'. There is tremendous wisdom inside each of us. If we learn how to discover and connect to the true self, we can receive the guidance and answers that are best for us in the given moment. The more we expand our consciousness the closer we are to our true nature. 


about the class


The class consists of few parts. It begins with few minutes of guided stillness/meditation to increase awareness of the whole body and other layers like mind, breath  the energy, wisdom and the self.  This is to facilitate the complete expression later in every asana /posture and every movement. When complete program of who you are is expressed, health will be there, joy, presence and more subtle qualities emerge from within. We use chanting as a powerful way of rising individual vibration and to increase the sense of presence. 

Sun salutation is more dynamic element combined with holding postures for extended period of time.